Company Profile

Celebrating 58 years.

RRE Properties is an award winning agency that has grown from humble beginnings in 1966 to the area’s leading agency servicing our core areas for over half a century. A strong foundation built on honesty and integrity with our clients, we strive to make your next move as exciting for you as it is for our team to represent you.

Our company operates with the goal to establish lifelong relations with our clients based on professional advice and services from people with unequaled experience and track record in property. RRE Properties is represented by over 100 years of combined staff experience.

“RRE Properties is one of only a handful of agencies in Australia that can boast being owned and operated by the same directors for 58 years. A huge accomplishment achieved by hard work and always treating our clients as our main asset with no exception”

Sales & Marketing

With over 100 years of combined experience, RRE Properties not only prides its sales department on cutting edge marketing but our ability to draw a competitive and emotional environment amongst buyers during negotiation stage. Providing the maximum sales result comes from this unique combination. Our branding is always cutting edge, sleek and modern with emphases on making your property look and feel inspiring to the marketplace.

Our creativity in marketing incorporates some of today’s latest techniques whether it be CRM databases, social media or online presence, we combine these latest techniques with proven tools such as first class photography, property videos, signage and world class open homes.

“Over 1000 property owners have entrusted RRE to maximise the sale price of their home”

Leasing and Asset Management

Always at the forefront of technology, RRE properties incorporates the latest management software systems with proven management protocol. Managing a large portfolio requires the right team with the right attributes. Communicating in a fast and efficient manner with our landlords is the foundation of our management team.

RRE manages residential and commercial properties with an all inclusive fee. All aspects of your investment property are considered with no hidden charges or extra fees and supervised by a 45 year experienced Director of leasing Mrs Rene Michos.

“Our property management team has over 100 years combined experience”

Project Marketing and Developments

RRE Properties has built a reputation on selling sound developments both off the plan and in built form. Our reputation in dealings with only reputable developers ensure our clients and database buyers know they are buying from the best.

Our project marketing is both innovative and is defined by the tremendous work needed to “brand” every particular project around its strengths. Our expertise in delivering a quality brand to the project has seen formidable results with off the plan projects being sold out within four weeks.

“Project marketing solutions individually tailored to target the demographic of buyer suitable”

Our Core Areas

When we first opened our doors in Rosebery in 1966, the area was a mixture of industry and traditional family homes. Sydney’s South East has exploded as Sydney’s most emerging market place with a huge development of apartments and lifestyle activities. Green Square, Rosebery’s vibrant coffee culture and the Mascot Station Precinct are perfect examples of this change with a hip and happening demographic blending with traditional family lifestyles.

“Having operated in your local area since 1966 we have seen the huge change in Sydney’s South East to a vibrant trendy inner city location where tradition has met modern sophistication and this is represented with the character of buyers and renters in our area today.”