RRE Selling Strategy

10 Reasons you will achieve Maximum Price with RRE

Our unique selling strategy

Since 1966 we have perfected a selling strategy that maximizes price using cutting edge marketing across all mediums resulting in a competitive and emotional environment amongst buyers during negotiation stage. This strategy can mean the difference in obtaining between 5 to 15% above comparable properties in the area.

Top negotiators to maximise price

Our agents are not just amazing marketing people however. The marketing of a property can be cutting edge and effective however if your agent does not know how to negotiate properly this can cost you, the vendor, tens of thousands of dollars. The fact that RRE has sold thousands of homes in all markets is your peace of mind knowing the best negotiator is working to achieve the highest possible sale price.

Our history and area knowledge

Having operated from the same location in Sydney’s South East since 1966 we truly understand our local area. Staff at RRE live in our core areas and we have witnessed these areas blossom into the trendy inner city locations that they now are. Northern Rosebery, Zetland and Mascot Station are perfect examples of this changing demographic and emerging market. It allows our staff to naturally “pitch” the benefits of our areas to potential buyers easily and effectively.

The RRE Brand

RRE is modern, sleek and contemporary whilst paying homage to our outstanding reputation and proud history. Our colours, logo, website all the way down to RRE water bottles radiate a feeling of class and contemporary elements.
Our brand accounts for referred business and new business. Our companies boutique approach is not bound to the one size fits all “franchise networks” and allows RRE to be truly innovating and creative with both marketing and best practice.

Marketing Excellence

At RRE properties we believe in representing your property to its utmost desirability with the latest in innovative marketing combined with more traditional methods. Dynamic video presentations, media print, website advertising through Australia’s largest Real Estate portals, large enhanced signboards, digital window plasma displays at our office, professional photography, 3d floor plans and mobile tablet websites. Everything has to be perfect is our marketing motto.

RRE Buyer database

RRE has invested heavily into systems that capture email inquiry and store qualified buyers into a CRM system. Combined with open home inspections, this complete CRM now has over 6000 qualified buyers at any one time. This unique approach allows us to email this database your listing and create qualified inquiry prior to marketing.

Ongoing training

Forever wanting to improve and keep abreast of the latest technologies, techniques and best practice available today, RRE prides itself on having the most highly trained real estate agents in South Eastern Sydney. A strong emphasis of late has been the importance of social media in real estate promoting your property through avenues such as facebook and twitter for example.

RRE or “big” franchise agent?

Statistically, most home owners choose between two or three reputable local agents to sell or lease their assets. As they all have unlimited on-line coverage, no one particular agent has an advantage over the other. Therefore, the majority of home owners will choose an agent based on their sales ability and credentials, regardless of brand. Essentially, there are no real advantages to employing franchise brands, in fact home owner loyalty is one of the first casualties when brands are involved. You may also find your big brand agent is still a trainee, or has assigned your property to trainees lacking in the ability to qualify buyer inquiries, negotiate effectively and guide the sale to a successful conclusion.

World class open homes

At RRE, our open homes are set up like large events. Everything has to be perfect. You will see your agent adjusting pillows, moving books and basically making sure the property looks fabulous and inviting. Signage, flags and open boards are displayed and buyers even receive branded water to give the opens a real world class event feeling. RRE employs sales assistants that record buyers’ details allowing free time for your sales agent to concentrate on dealing with buyers at hand.

International and Foreign Buyer Strategy

Sydney’s eastern suburbs has exploded with international and foreign buyers accounting for a huge buyer demographic. At RRE we have recognised this importance and have established vital online marketing to international buyers and enabled our website to translate into many languages. We advertise in Chinese newspapers and provide a support network of multilingual solicitors and bank partners that can assist foreign buyers to purchase property both effectively and informatively.